Hello friends!  

My name is Katherine Yabes.  I am the owner and calligrapher of Handwritten by Katherine.  I’ve made several life changes this past year and I am happy to announce that I am FINALLY pursuing this creative adventure.  

I’ve always loved creating and everything it entails.  I’m not what most people think of as a traditional artist.  I can’t draw.  I don’t paint.  I have zero talent in all of that.  However, I love creating and putting things together.  Even if it turns out lopsided or funny looking.

I’ve loved fashion, reading, storytelling, crafting, traveling, cooking, baking, and making stuff.  Not to toot my own horn but I’ve pretty much had neat handwriting since I learned cursive in the 2nd grade.  Prior to that, my handwriting was literally scribbles.  I’m unsure of how all of these interests mesh together to fuel my creativity but I do feel they all contribute to how I view and tackle life everyday.

Through this online outlet, I plan to share my current calligraphy/craft projects and other tid bits that I draw inspiration from.  Trust me when I say, creating something is never easy.  It’s almost always messy.  Sometimes I’m in tears or covered in glitter or both.  So in addition to the craft process, I will also include the mess, tips, my favorite tools, and how I tweak things to fit what I envision and want. 

I hope you enjoy the projects I share and find inspiration to be creative in your own life!